Streamline Your Homeshare Accounting With Ramona The Host Finance App


    There are plenty of apps out there for managing your accounts. But what if one was especially designed with home shares in mind?

    That’s where Ramona the Host can help! It was built from the ground up with homeshare properties in mind, so it covers everything you need for peace of mind.

    Forget about QuickBooks and Hurdlr! Use an app that is designed with your business in mind. With Ramona, you can streamline your whole accounting process.

    It is designed especially with home share accounting in mind, and offers a range of features that separate it from the competition.

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    Ramona offers seamless accounting services, fully customizable operation, and helps users to save time and money.

    Users are able to manage multiple properties, share the app with a co-host, and easily log their expenses. This streamlines their accounting process and helps them to save time and money in the long run.

    The team at Ramona the Host explain that there are numerous accounting apps available to help people track receipts and expenses. However, Ramona is different, because it is designed from the ground up with home shares in mind.

    It is built and designed by an expert home sharer, and offers a straightforward system for managing all aspects of accounting. Users can stay informed on the latest tax deductible expenses, and track their business with a simple user interface.

    Two of the most popular accounting apps currently on the market are QuickBooks and Hurdlr. Hurdlr is an app built for self employed entrepreneurs, and can automatically track mileage, expenses, income, and tax deductions.

    Meanwhile, QuickBooks is a cloud accounting platform that allows businesses and professionals to manage their accounts from anywhere with an internet connection.

    However these are build for a general audience, and Ramona the Host differentiates itself with its focus.

    The specially designed accounting software can help home share owners to be audit ready with accounts that they can trust. It simplifies the tax filing process and makes every aspect of the routine easier.

    Users can export their reports to PDF and CSV files. It’s also easy to capture every available tax deduction, produce audit-ready returns, and automatically adjust whole home expenses.

    With Ramona, home share owners can log their expenses and track payments with ease.

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