The Antimicrobial Mini Wireless Keyboard & Mouse For Ipad In Your Shared Workspace


    Do you want a keyboard that you can move between rooms and workspaces? Do you want to be able to easily clean and wash it to reduce the spread of germs? The Antimicrobial Mini Wireless Keyboard & Mouse For Ipad In Your Shared Workspace. Do you want a portable keyboard that is compact in size? If you have answered ‘yes’ this is the product for you!

    A new antimicrobial bacteria portable desktop or laptop keyboard has been launched to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and spread of germs. In case you are wondering, The Tech Launcher is a specialist website that showcases innovative technology solutions for everyday problems.

    You can view the range in full at

    The newly launched keyboard is compact in size making it portable. It can be easily packed away and is made from antimicrobial material that protects against the buildup of germs between washes with soap and water. The keyboard has a USB interface that you can easily connect without installing drivers. You can view the full range of products at

    As you may be aware, reducing germs and the spread of bacteria via technology is one of the biggest challenges to the health of people in offices and workspaces. The durable waterproof design can be attributed to the advanced silicon material that it is wrapped in.

    This coating protects the keyboard against oil, water, and dust. The silicon material also provides the opportunity for you to easily remove germs with liquid disinfectants, soap, or water. The lightweight compact design is ideal for you when you are on the go, as well as for travel, school, industrial, or medical environments.

    In addition, the keyboard offers multimedia and internet hotkeys meaning you can control your media player with one-touch using the built-in multimedia hotkey feature. You can also navigate the internet and access your emails with the built-in hotkeys.

    As well as the anti-bacterial keyboard, the platform offers several wireless keyboard and mouse options. Wireless keyboards are ideal for you if you need to move around workspaces regularly, whether you are working from your home or in the office.

    A company spokesperson said: “We have a range of wireless mouse and keyboard options for you if you need flexibility while you are working. The antimicrobial bacterial keyboard is particularly great for you if you are health conscious or share a workspace with a family member or colleagues.”

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