The Best Executive Cybersecurity Training To Keep Your Organization Safe


    Do you know how much it would cost your organization if it was hacked (cracked) by a criminal? Have any of your executives received sufficient training? Does everyone know what to do in the event of a major breach? If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, this is the expert training course you need!

    SME Joshua Crumbaugh, CEO and founder of PeopleSec, has overhauled their training course aimed specifically at executives and managers such as yourself. With a background in performing security assessments against high profile targets, Mr. Crumbaugh is well placed to provide training at your organization.

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    In case you are wondering, the executive training program is a non-technical course that takes several hours to complete and gives your executives the essential knowledge they need to run a cybersecurity program successfully and effectively.

    While it may feel like a complex and vast subject, this training program is designed to break the subject down into bite sized chunks, which are easy to digest. This approach enables managers and business owners such as yourself, to keep your organization protected from cyber criminals.

    As part of the training course, cybersecurity leadership is viewed in two distinct categories: defensive tactics and program analysis. The defense section of the training focuses on the DUH Concept™.

    This provides you with a non-technical framework that can be applied to the management of cyber initiatives, identifying issues, and will lead to you or your employees becoming valued CXO’s recognized as fostering a strong cyber-culture.

    The second phase of the training focuses on program analysis and is called the Kill Index™. This is a formula to help give you and other leaders the ability to calculate the effectiveness of cybersecurity investments and determine the cause of ineffective expenditure.

    When you attend, you receive a reference guide and presentation deck to ensure the comprehensive training program is effective. Mr. Crumbaugh developed the training course in recognition of the fact the cybersecurity industry was missing a ‘human solution’ to help people understand social engineered attacks.

    A company representative said: “You may not realize this, but your employees and network users are usually the weakest link in any security system. Those who have previously attended our training courses view it as an investment against future damage or costly network hacks.”

    “How much can your organization afford to lose if it gets hacked,” they added.

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