The Geobots Are Taking Over Solana With The First NFT-Powered AMM,


    To celebrate the deployment of their upcoming automated market maker; the team behind are releasing a generative set of Geobot NFT’s onto the Solana blockchain.

    At launch NFT collectors and enthusiasts, will be able to mint from the collection of 10,000 Geobots on-chain, providing holder benefits and utility, backed by the AMM.

    With launch date set for the 27th November, the team are placing great emphasis on building a community, and have been releasing lore, sneak peeks, and giveaways daily, on the run up to deployment. Community voting has also been introduced as an opportunity for fans to influence the factional lore.

    The Geobot Collection

    The Geobot collection is comprised of 10,000 generatively produced NFT’s on the Solana blockchain. Created originally for their in-AMM functionality on, each Geobot has unique features, and provides access to hidden areas of the exchange, including high-yield pools, and private launchpad’s.

    Created from among 166 different individual attributes, there are over 3.65 Million potential combinations in the Geobot collection, with each being unique, and holding its own rarity.

    Geobot Artwork

    The artwork for the Geobot collection was designed and created over the course of many months, providing visually stunning, and imaginative pieces, unlike many of the current projects in the NFT space.

    In addition to the 10,000 Geobots, designers were also engaged in producing various honorary pieces of NFT art, which are being donated to the individuals, and projects, that have helped Solana to thrive.

    Aims of the project

    Due to the integration of the Geobot NFT’s into the core mechanics of the AMM, the Geobots will play a long-term role in both the development of the community, and the on-going activities of the exchange. By releasing the NFT’s, the team hope to reward those early adopters who have helped to drive innovation, with the first truly NFT-powered AMM.

    Immediate aims for the project re to build a stable community on the Solana blockchain, with the Geobot DAO, set to deploy at launch of the NFT’s. The DAO will allow for full community participation and governance regarding the Geobot NFT project.

    To ensure successful completion of the project aims the team have planned and executed the following tactics:

    · Increased community participation in all areas of the project, including lore, sneak peeks at NFT art, and other aspects.

    · Embarking on collaborations with well-known, blue-chip projects within the Solana-space

    · Expanded discord engagement with Whitelisting for active members, and other rewards


    The team behind the Geobot NFT collection have been working on the BSC-based AMM since its inception, and were chosen for their expertise in blockchain projects, marketing, and on-chain development.

    Currently the project stands at around 80% complete, with further plans for cross-chain development between the Binance Smart chain, and the Solana blockchain.

    Future roadmap for the Geobots, and AMM

    Unlike other projects providing short-term impact to holders, the team behind the AMM have integrated the NFT’s into the core functionality of the AMM, allowing for on-going yield-generation, and additional rewards.

    With the launch of the collection on the 27/11, the Geobot DAO will be deployed within the Grape protocol on Solana, allowing holders to participate in the governance of the project in a truly democratic manner, earning passive income from community initiatives.

    Following on from the successful launch of the Geobot collection, the AMM will be deployed on the Binance smart chain, providing further benefits to holders, and leading to the cross-chain bridging between the BSC, and Solana. More info at