The Most Popular Big Gift Items This Holiday Season


    Is bigger always better? Well, if you are like me, then the answer is ‘yes.’ I have stopped buying a plethora of small and medium-sized gifts for my kids simply because they stop playing with them after a couple of weeks or even days. Instead, I buy my kids one to three big gifts that they will enjoy for years to come. The question then becomes, what are the hottest big gift items this holiday season? Thankfully, Temper-And-Tantrum has made it easy to find all the best big item toys for kids this holiday season.

    Dirt Bikes

    Every kid wants more adventure in his or her life. In fact, according to Stuart Wickes of the Family Adventure Project, 85% of children ages six to 12 long for more excitement in their lives. A dirt bike will provide your child with the thrill he or she is seeking. Dirt bikes were built to be driven off-road. Whether your kid is riding on a dirt track or cutting through the woods these rough terrain machines are sure to delight and get the blood flowing. You can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes. To ensure that you are getting the best for your kid check out Temper-And-Tantrum’s guide to buying a dirt bike.


    What is a hoverboard anyway? Is it something that zips through the air transporting your child to some distant place in the future? Not exactly. A hoverboard is a self-balancing personal transporter that consists of two mechanized wheels that are connected to a pair of pads upon which the rider places their feet to control the transporter. The rider controls the speed of the hoverboard by leaning forward or backward and directs the vehicle by twisting left or right on the pads. These futuristic machines are great gift options for a boy or a girl. They encourage your kids to enjoy the outdoors and may even prompt social interaction by motivating them to play with other children who have hoverboards. Learn about safety precautions, what to look for in a hoverboard, and which hoverboards are the best this holiday season.

    Air Hockey Tables

    I could regale you with tales of my days as an Air Hockey champion and how badly I used to beat my father, but I’ll save those stories for another time. Right now, I want to tell you that you can’t go wrong with an Air Hockey table for your kid. The game is fun, fast, and competitive. Not to mention, it’s good, old-fashioned, rowdy, indoor fun. Click here for the best Air Hockey Tables this holiday season.

    There is nothing wrong with a bunch of small to medium-sized gifts, but you can’t go wrong with a big gift (or two…or three) that your child will remember throughout the years and that will provide the most bang for your buck. To learn more about the hottest big gift items in 2019 make sure to check out Temper-And-Tantrum.