The Next Generation of Infrastructure Security In Dubai Looks To Robots


    Today, industries and governments around the world continue to expand their surveillance and security budget to counter growing risks and threats while balancing increasing costs. Security services in the Middle East rely on guards patrolling residential, commercial, and industrial facilities in extreme temperatures.

    Security providers in the Gulf are now looking to AI-powered robots as the future of surveillance in adverse conditions. The security industry in the UAE struggles to employ guards because of relatively low pay and tough working conditions in temperatures ranging from a maximum of 50°C to a minimum of 5°C.

    The Dubai Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), a government agency has approved the use of autonomous surveillance robots from SMP Robotics, a California security robotics solutions provider. The company has been cleared to use AI security robots that operate for 18 hours and a range of 24 kilometers.

    The announcement was made at Intersec 2020, the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection. SMP Robotics has been cleared to deploy AI-powered autonomous security and inspection robots by SIRA, a sponsor of the trade fair at the Dubai World Trade Center. 

    The team at SMP Robotics designed and successfully tested surveillance robots to function at temperatures of up to 55°C. With outdoor temperatures in the UAE touching 50°C, SMP Robotics was able to demonstrate thermal durability—the ability to operate effectively in high-temperature outdoor environments. The research and trial period lasted 6 months culminating at thedemonstration of the robots at Intersec.

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    Ejadah Asset Management Group, a leading asset management company in the UAE unveiled the latest model of security and surveillance robots designed for fully autonomous 24/7 patrols. SMP Robotics machines feature swarm intelligence AI for group patrols, deep-learning facial recognition, panoramic video surveillance, obstacle avoidance & anti-collision, and optional thermal surveillance.

    Security robots from SMP Robotics are expected to create additional security layers to physical human surveillance in areas where conditions are too adverse for human security guards. The unmanned security robots are now approved for use in gated communities, resorts, golf clubs, corporate and university campuses, government and office buildings. These robots are expected to free up security guards’ time for other tasks.

    Founded in 2010, SMP Robotics is a leading global developer of autonomous robot technologies for security, electrical substations and oil and gas facilities In 2019, the company commenced the commercial production of S5.2 series surveillance security robots that are operated in 12 countries including the UAE. 

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