The Water Pilot System Helps Hotels and Resorts Lower Water Consumption by 15%+ Monthly.


    Reduce & Monitor Water Consumption in Hotels, Resorts. Proprietary Water Technology Announced by Water Pilot LLC

    Cut Your Water & Sewer expense 15% or more in hotel and resort properties. Patent Pending Water Pilot System 3.0 Water Technology Announced. Pays for itself in 8 to 16 months. Water Pilot Provides A Zero Down Equipment and Installation program. Positive cash flow from day one!

    3rd Generation water saving technology from Water Pilot reduces your water sewer costs. The Water Pilot System provides live monitoring and leak protection as part of the revolutionary Water Pilot Valve System. This technology is particularly useful for hotel and resort properties.. Water saving valve technology plus Water Pilot Navigator live protection and alerts. The result, immediate reduction in water and sewer costs and long term actionable business intelligence. Learn more here –

    The Water Pilot is made from medical grade 316L stainless steel and is an NSF 61 certified device. Through precision engineering, the Water Pilot will improve the accuracy of your water meter and help prevent the overconsumption of water. In addition, the Water Pilot System provides real-time leak protection and alerts. Monitoring your water system 24/7/365, to catch leaks immediately, improve performance, and identify inefficiencies. Actionable business intelligence.

    In most water systems, usage is tracked by a utility water meter with an internal paddle, which measures the amount of water and air passing through the system. The system cannot tell the difference between water and air, however. This means that customers are being charged for not only water usage but any air that goes through the system.

    The Water Pilot Valve mitigates the impact that incoming entrained or trapped air has on utility meter accuracy.

    Besides lowering the cost of water utilities, the Water Pilot also improves water pressure and keeps it at a constant level. This improvement can help to extend the life of your plumbing system, including your faucets and piping. Learn more about saving water & energy consumption in hotels & resorts here –

    The Water Pilot System optimizes clients water supply systems. Hotels and resorts can not only significantly reduce their water and sewer bills, they reduce their hot water energy heating bill at least 10%. Overtime, the optimization of your water supply reduces the amount of money spent on plumbing repairs and extends the useful lifecycle of all your fixtures and appliances.

    According to Water Pilot, LLC, “The WATER PILOT® System immediately reduces water consumption and provides you with live remote consumption monitoring for long term leak protection and water asset management.” Also, “Water Pilot® provides positive cash flow from day one.”

    Case studies have shown that the Water Pilot System consistently provides a 10 to 25 percent reduction in water expenses. Numerous properties have been able to save hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars each month with the Water Pilot System installed. See our case studies here –

    Hotels and resorts interested in reducing water consumption should contact Dave with Water Pilot, LLC. at 1-970-379-9007. A 5-step process will follow, which includes analyzing your current water consumption, presenting you with data on your potential savings, and free installation.

    Know a business or someone that could benefit from using the Water Pilot system? Learn more about becoming an independent rep for Water Pilot LLC here –