These Mini Office Games For Desktops Will Keep Your Fingers Busy During Breaks


    Bored at work? Looking to break the routine with some fun activities? Try a finger game or three! With Boxing, Twister, and Ring Toss, there’s something for everyone! 

    Ultimate Deals has announced the launch of new mini desk games for entertainment in the home or office. The product includes an assortment of three different finger games including Finger Boxing, Finger Twister, and Finger Mini Ring Toss. 

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    The newly launched pack of games is provided as a casual source of fun and stress relief for you and your family, wherever you are in the world. You can play each of the games with minimal setup in any location, ranging from your desks and tables to your counters, couches, and floors. 

    The product is suited as an ideal gag gift for birthdays or holidays, and can be played at parties and family gatherings. The pack allows you to enjoy a break from hard work and daily tedium while interacting and socializing with friends in a lighthearted manner. Three accessible games are included in the pack with miniature equipment for your enjoyment. 

    Finger Boxing features a mini desktop punching bag with a suction cup base as well as two boxing gloves designed to fit your fingers. You can train and de-stress by hitting the punching bag with your pointers, while the secure base keeps the bag in place. 

    In addition, you can play Finger Twister with the included mini spinner, twister mat and two tiny pairs of socks for your fingers. You’ll maneuver your fingers to fit assigned positions on the color-coded playing mat. 

    Finger Mini Ring Toss, meanwhile, makes use of a score post and sand tray along with four miniature hoops. You can challenge your friends to toss hoops onto the post from distances or use the game to relax by yourself.  

    Company representatives further explained that all three of the finger games are suitable to keep children aged 12 and older busy with fun activities and challenges to pass the time. 

    One satisfied customer described the assortment as: “Great little games for stress relief. These games come in handy when you need a break from the stress of the work day.” 

    Nothing good comes from boredom – try this fabulous three-game set for finger activities! If you want to give your hands a break from typing, writing, or filing, you can click the link above to learn more about the three-game assortment pack of mini desk finger toys!