This App For Men Provides a Safe Space Where They Can Talk About Mental Health


    Worried about your mental health but find it hard to reach out to others? This app can help.

    Kelowna, BC-based HeChangedIt Enterprises Inc. announces the launch of its new mental health and wellness app for men. Called he., this platform provides a supportive community where you can talk about your psychological health without fear of judgment.

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    This app was launched in response to the growing sense of isolation men feel because of the current pandemic, which has limited their contact with friends and colleagues. He. provides actionable steps that can help you cope, which are an excellent complement to the professional advice your therapist offers.

    Statistics show that mental health is fast becoming a crisis for men, with 77% of them saying they feel an increase in stress, anxiety, or depression since the lockdowns. Yet despite these negative emotions, about 40% of those surveyed are not comfortable talking to others about their struggles.

    HeChangedIt Enterprises Inc. notes that men find it difficult to speak about their mental health because of the traditional notions of masculinity they must live up to. As such, he. serves as a safe space where you can talk freely about what you’re going through.

    The app is built around five pillars of fitness that are crucial to achieving a balanced life: mental, physical, emotional, social, and soul. HeChangedIt Enterprises Inc. has worked with experts to create resources that can help you deal healthily with issues like anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

    To encourage men to download the app and interact with the community, they may choose to create an anonymous account. This allows for a take-what-you-need, leave-what-you-know approach when using the he. app.

    He. can be downloaded for free on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. To launch the app, its developer has created an engaging video that shows how everyone—even superheroes—need help, too.

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    HeChangedIt Enterprises Inc. is a promising startup that aims to change the conversation around men’s mental health. The new he. app is part of its ongoing mission to use technology to create scalable solutions to improve people’s well-being.

    Don’t suffer in silence. Find a supportive community that can help you on the he. app.

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