This Apple VA, CA Solar Company Will Help You Know How Many Panels You Need!


    Are you considering switching to solar energy for your Southern California home or business? The pros at Option One Solar Option will go the extra mile to size your system correctly!

    The full-service residential and commercial solar energy company in Apple Valley, CA provides accurate sizing services to determine the number of solar panels your home or business needs to offset typical electric usage.

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    The new sizing service will help you know exactly how large a solar installation project needs to be. This accuracy assures that there is not a shortage of solar power that you have to supplement with standard coal, oil, or gas-powered energy.

    The drive toward renewable energy has many of us making the switch to solar power. This is especially true in states and geographic areas that get consistent sunlight for much of the year.

    Several factors need to be taken into consideration when determining how many solar panels are necessary. First, solar panels last for 25 years or more so it is important for you to consider future energy needs as well as present consumption.

    Solar panels need to be installed in the areas of the roof that receive the most sunlight, so you must determine how much usable area is available for panels. Panel sizes also need to be chosen carefully, as larger panels may be more cost-efficient but not as energy efficient. 

    Working with these and other factors can become complicated. Accurate sizing from Option One Solar will relieve you from the stress of hoping you have calculated the number, size, and placement of panels correctly.

    Option One Solar offers a 25-year full coverage warranty on its work. In addition, financing is available with zero dollars down and zero up-front out-of-pocket costs. The company will provide a detailed financial benefit analysis for you as you consider switching to solar.

    This family-owned business is led by Jerry Thomas, CEO, Scott Thomas, President, and Trever Thomas, Vice President, who have decades of energy experience. They strive for excellence and world-class quality as they serve the High Desert and San Bernardino areas of Southern California.

    A satisfied customer says, “This is a professional, reliable, and honest solar company. The process to install solar panels on my house was straightforward, from the very competitive quote, work planning, engineering design, to the final city Inspection. We are very happy with their work.”

    Looking for the best Solar Energy company in the High Desert? Call Option One Solar today at (855) 502-6363, the recipients of the Best of the Desert award for the last four years!

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