This California Firm Can Help You Stop Phishing With Managed Spam Filters


    Is your work inbox receiving a large number of unwanted emails from unknown sources? It’s time you set up a managed spam filter to protect your business data from being stolen.

    A sourcing-as-a-service (SAAS) company based in Santa Ana, California has launched a series of spam filtering services to help you protect your data from malicious security threats.

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    These services are provided by Technology Source, a technology advisory firm with access to over 500 providers globally. According to the firm, all of its spam filter providers are vetted, which means that the solutions they offer are the best in the industry.

    Spam filters work by identifying spam, which often takes the form of an unsolicited email, and prevent it from getting into one’s inbox. They can screen both outgoing and incoming emails and can be cloud-based or integrated into email software.

    The company has a number of spam filter types on offer as each solution is designed for a specific purpose. Among those available are the main types of filters, such as content filters, which target specific traits in the header and the content of the email, and rule-based filters, which screen emails based on certain criteria like blacklisted senders.

    More intelligent filter variants can also be deployed like Bayesian filters that adjust themselves based on your spam preferences, modifying screening decisions based on the actions you take.

    Implementing an effective spam filtering system is indispensable, according to Technology Source, as spammers have multiplied and have become more sophisticated. Spam messages are potential carriers of security threats that can be used in a cyber attack.

    Internet security resource estimates that 45% of all emails sent globally daily are spam emails, adding that other studies point to a higher figure. Emails designed for identity theft or phishing make up 73% of all scam emails, the resource stated. In addition, it found that the U.S. is the top contributor of unwanted emails in the world.

    Spam filtering is part of Technology Source’s comprehensive suite of cyber security services. Apart from anti-spam solutions, the company also offers multifactor authentication, managed firewall, web filtering, endpoint management, mobile device management, cyber security as a service, desktop as a service, and artificial intelligence.

    Technology Source is a SAAS specialist headquartered in Santa Ana with offices in Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and London. It specializes in linking midsize and large firms with providers of enterprise technology.

    Spam emails can put your business at risk. Stop phishing and cyber theft now by asking Technology Source about the best spam filter for your operation.

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