This Chat Application Helps Men Suffering From Stress, Depression & Anxiety


    Did you know men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women? Now there’s a safe place for men to connect with others.

    A mental health and wellness application for men, entitled he., has been launched for Android devices. The creators of he. used thousands of hours of research and development to identify the top pain points leading to tension, stress, anxiety and depression.

    In addition to its library of resources, the new application’s chat platform provides a safe place for you to connect, anonymously if desired, to other men who have lived through similar experiences or who may be looking for help.

    According to Harvard Medical School, approximately 10% to 17% of men develop major depression at some point in their lives. Although men are less likely than women to suffer from depression, the results are more severe. Four times as many men compared with women commit suicide.

    Perhaps a result of social norms, men are also less likely to seek help when it’s required. The new application he. was created to assist men who may be experiencing distress in their lives, and is based upon five core pillars of health: mental fitness, physical fitness, emotional fitness, social fitness, and soul fitness.

    The app allows you to stream videos, view tips, participate in group chats, and listen to the heCast podcast series.

    A wide variety of issues and topics are covered, from meditation and stress-management techniques to leadership and self-discovery. Content is designed to help you navigate the challenges of modern life and achieve emotional and mental well-being.

    The chat function allows you to connect with others from all around the world. Users are encouraged to “take what you need, leave what you know.” This approach is designed to fulfill two purposes. It addresses loneliness and provides a place for you to be heard and understood, whilst those offering help and advice discover a sense of purpose and self-worth.

    An early adopter of the application stated: “I believe there is something beautiful being brought to life here, with this app, and I am ready to serve to help make it happen.”

    You don’t need to suffer alone. Click on to learn more!