This Cybersecurity Blockchain Technology Protects Your Global Payment System Network


    How happy are you with your online security? If you hesitated – even just for a second – then you may not feel as secure as you need to be.

    We understand the dangers of cyber threats. Each day, your network is bombarded with millions of threats from ransomware to malware trying to hack into your system.

    Introducing Intellichain – the latest patent-pending cyber security solution of Stealth Entry. The decentralized platform incorporates security, transaction processing, data management, and data retention in one system. The new technology strengthens the financial security of online transactions, significantly reducing the risk of credit and debit card fraud.

    Our new patent-pending proprietary blockchain security system addresses the growing demand in the market for a safe, efficient, and responsive security platform for online businesses. As more people use the internet for their various purchases, experts recommend stronger technologies that protect sensitive data shared online.

    Intellichain accomplishes data and transactional signing for enterprise needs in LAN and WAN environments across the globe while using currently existing infrastructure. Further, because of its decentralized nature, our technology allows synchronized blockchain transactions and data sharing without needing multiple geo-based servers.

    You may have associated blockchain technology with investments, particularly with cryptocurrency that uses a decentralized platform for investors to realize high returns. However, the technology itself can be used for various industries such as security and IT safety to strengthen internal processes without requiring additional resources.

    We recognized this and developed our patent-pending securing blockchain solution. The goal was to craft a data management platform within a decentralized context without needing further licenses, software, or infrastructure.

    Our new technology features built-in encryption and transaction signing that seamlessly integrates into the user’s existing infrastructure. Intellichain can also create structures and classes to reference data with similar functionalities as a relational database management system (RDBMS).

    This means that you can confidently offer online selling options without worrying about fraud.

    Our company was established in 2009 by Israel Arroyo, Jr. (GySgt USMC Res) who believed in taking a pragmatic approach to cyber security. Using the discipline he learned in the military combined with learning the latest technologies in cyber threat mitigation, Arroyo has built Stealth Entry to be a trusted one-stop provider of intuitive cyber security solutions.

    We offer risk advisory assessment and software development services.

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