This Direct Write Lithography Process Will Boost Your Efficiency And Cut Costs


    Want to maximize the flexibility required for in-house prototyping? Call the experts at MIDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems today for their new system!

    MIDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems, a company focused on producing micro-structuring equipment at an affordable price, has launched its DaLI Tabletop Maskless Lithography System to offer you a simple-to-use solution that encompasses all steps from design to illumination. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality products and protecting the environment.

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    The company’s newly launched DaLI system is universal and can be used easily regardless of your previous knowledge. It allows direct write lithography on micrometer-sized samples with structures accurately aligned on existing features.

    It can be used for several fields including microelectronics, material science, quantum optics, MEMS, biophysics, microfluidics, soft-matter research, and chemistry and biology experiments.

    The system is software-operated and involves all machine operation features from initial setup and calibration to CAD and optimized illumination algorithms. Its AOD (acousto-optic deflectors) are combined with a narrow bandwidth laser source, complete thermal stabilization, and smart table tracking to offer ultimate precision.

    Prototyping time and costs are lowered due to full PC control and intuitive lithography software that boost flexibility. Different illumination parameters can be assigned to individual structure parts including the diameter of the laser beam, the illumination dose, the resolution, mode, and place of field stitching. The integrated microscope makes it feasible to level the substrate to bring its surface into laser focus, establish the location of related patterns, and perform numerous geometric measurements. You can find more details at

    MIDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems is dedicated to equipping scientists with innovative systems which allow them to execute their tasks. The company was established by bringing together expertise from several years of academic research as well as industrial development and production of research equipment. They are partnered with Nanocenter, LPKF Laser & Electronics, Aresis, and Rettro.

    A satisfied client said: “Dali is a device that allows us to accurately fabricate metal electrodes on nanostructures, which is crucial for the course of our research. We use the device daily, several days a week. We appreciate its accuracy, compactness, speed, friendly interface, and extensive range of structure design tools.”

    MIDALIX Maskless Lithography Systems are the trusted engineers you can always rely on – call them today at 336-41-845-302 for all of your lithography needs!

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