This Snohomish WA Mobile Retailer is The Best Local Verizon Authorized Dealer


    Are you looking for an expert on Verizon phones and plans in Snohomish? This local retailer is the go-to place to ask for everything about the telecom giant’s offerings. 

    A company specializing in mobile products has launched a retail operation that offers the latest Verizon smart devices and services to residents of Snohomish, Washington.

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    Mobvitel aims to provide the local community a way to get convenient access to the new smartphones, tablets, and other devices on Verizon’s network. More than a source for premium handsets, the company is setting itself apart through the delivery of personalized services and community involvement, which it believes are more essential.

    The retailer said that it focuses on ensuring that you receive the products you are looking for, as well as the answers to your inquiries. It explained that problems with wireless providers are part and parcel of the business, but it makes sure that they are addressed quickly and efficiently.

    Moreover, it offers technical expertise in Verizon’s cellular phones and programs. The company stated that it knows all the handsets Verizon carries, in addition to the plans available to current and new customers.

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    As of this writing, Mobvitel’s inventory includes the flagships of major phone manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Google, LG, and Alcatel. The store also offers Samsung’s newest line of Galaxy Tab tablet computers.

    Verizon’s own line of internet devices is also available. The store’s current lineup includes the Hum vehicle diagnostic and roadside devices, the Jetpack hotspot devices, wireless home phones, and Verizon’s 5G MiFi M1000 Hotspot, which is capable of using the carrier’s 5G network.

    “We wanted to focus on delivering excellent customer service above all because of our commitment to our community,” a company spokesperson said. “We want our customers to make the best decisions about their wireless plans through accurate information derived from a thorough understanding of their individual needs.”

    Mobvitel is headed by Rajeev Dewan, its founder, CEO, and president. Apart from his knowledge in wireless communications, Mr. Dewan offers customers years of experience in marketing, finance, product development, enterprise sales, and executive leadership.

    Verizon has said that its indirect channel’s vision is to have “strategic alliances” with retailers in advantageous locations within its market. These retailers earn every time they enroll a new customer to one of the telecom’s plans.

    Everything you need is right here. Drop by Mobvitel today if you’re looking for the trendiest phones and the best customer experience!

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