Top AUS Clinic Management Software Reduces Human Error & Dead-Time For Patients


    Our clinic management system transfers your entire administrative department into ONE easy-to-use and fully-functional software!

    The system features improved usability and a more powerful dashboard. Now, you can easily find your desired function with bigger tabs once you log in to our software.

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    With the goal of further enhancing the customer journey, our newly upgraded software helps your clinic become more efficient and professional. This is done through automation and streamlining tasks that are involved in running a health clinic.

    For example, our clinic management software can consolidate all patient contact records, manage the appointment calendar, and securely store patient invoices and treatment notes, among others. The goal of the system is to significantly reduce human error associated with administrative tasks.

    This is particularly important given the current times. As your health clinic moves a percentage of its business online, it is crucial that you have a system that offers front-to-end solutions. This includes how your patient experiences their journey from scheduling an appointment, to being treated, to receiving their invoices.

    Still, experts also project that more patients may want to physically visit their clinic for their concern. That’s a double whammy that your clinic needs to be prepared for!

    You need to have a practice management software that can easily track patient visits and make individual or group appointments, as necessary.

    Our latest software now contains a waitlist feature that immediately informs a waitlisted patient on canceled timeslots. This significantly reduces dead-time in the clinic and maximizes the time of the available doctor! 

    The calendar management feature can easily be found on the dashboard once you log in. Our solution can also be used on mobile phones and tablets.

    To celebrate the launch of our updated clinic management software, we are announcing a free 14-day fully-functional trial for interested clients.

    The software can be used by anyone in the health industry.

    One of our satisfied Australian users wrote, “Power Diary’s functionality really works very well for us. Running the day-to-day business is very good.”

    Everything you need and more in one dashboard. Simplify your life and work more efficiently with our practice management software now.

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