UAE Electronics & Robotics Expert Supported Kids With Kits In Virtual Camp


    Getting kids involved in electronics can pave the way to an exciting future, and nobody understands this better than industry expert Besomi Electronics. Whether you need kits or video advice, the team is positioned to help.

    They were at the forefront of the latest UAE Virtual Summer Camp, where they assisted participants with the latest robotics sets.

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    Experts agree that exposing children to robotics and electronics can improve their problem-solving skills, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit. The camp was run by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, which focuses on information and communication technology within the United Arab Emirates.

    Students taking part had the chance to build a varied range of technological projects. These had to be submitted by the end of the second week, with valuable prizes for the winners.

    You’ll find that the Advance Starter Kit provided by Besomi Electronics includes an UNO R3 Board with a USB cable, a screwdriver, micro switch buttons, buzzers, LED lights, and more. The 2021 pack expands on this with temperature and humidity sensors, a key module, and a matrix keyboard, among other accessories.

    The renowned electronics company offers access to well-known brands, including Raspberry Pi, Ultracell, Adafruit, Dfrobot, and Arduino. Whether you want to order your own starter pack or individual components, you’ll find everything you need on the site.

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    Supporting the Virtual Summer Camp was part of the company’s continuing mission to inspire interest in technology from a young age. Besomi Electronics is also expanding into different schools as a way to continue this objective.

    Additionally, the company is reaching out to employees who work in the education sector. It aims to ensure that every child has access to the tools and components they need to inspire a love of robotics.

    CEO-Mohammad Hani says “We aim to be an inspirational hub to engineers all over the world, enabling them to create and elevate projects that drive a positive change, by giving them access to the latest high-tech products from all over the world directly to their doorstep ”

    Want to get involved in the movement? Read all about the event, then browse the online store for the kits you need to inspire the next generation!

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