US & Canadian Certified Handymen Now Have A New App For Listing Jobs Online


    We all know that today it’s not just about what you know, but who you know. If you’re a qualified technician but you’re struggling to find a comprehensive customer base, Certified Artisans can help.  

    The call goes out to certified handymen across the two countries, including painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, landscapers, mechanics and more. 

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    The launch of the Certified Artisans app comes as more and more North American homeowners look to find tradespeople online. 

    However, in the morass of different ratings platforms and endless websites, it can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating for your customers to find a reputable, qualified handyman.  

    That’s why the development team at Certified Artisans believe that their new app represents a streamlined and effective way for you to list your personal services, or to host those of your small business.

    The company has made it quick and simple for you to register on the platform. You only need to include the basic details about your business and furnish the corresponding gallery with a handful of eye-catching, representative photos. 

    Adapting the crowdsourcing principles which have powered the world’s biggest apps in the last decade, Certified Artisans believes that by creating a countrywide hub for trades and home repairs, both you and the homeowners you work for will benefit.

    On the app, users will be able to search for and connect directly with you. They will also be able to list a project which you can then choose to claim.

    This functionality is particularly beneficial if you are looking to pick up additional projects when you experience a lull in regular business.

    Certified Artisans boasts a clean, user-friendly interface which uses location software to partner you with the right clients.

    They are also currently expanding their commercial project sector if you wish to jump onto larger projects or if you are representing a bigger business. 

    Certified Artisans Inc. is a Canadian company which is hoping to narrow the gap between qualified and experienced artisans and the community that they serve. They are passionate about empowering both their listed handymen and their customers.

    A spokesperson for the platform said, “We have provided the simplest process for handymen to manage their business online. Through their page on our platform they can showcase their brand to one of North America’s fastest growing audiences.”   

    If you want to get work you need to be seen. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of North America’s home repair hub. 

    Visit today to begin your application process with Certified Artisans.