Use the Best Small Business Financial Software to Gain Financial Transparency


    Are you one of the 40% of business owners that are financially illiterate? Do you always feel like you’re about to run out of money? Now is the time to invest in a financial collaboration platform and start improving your data collaboration.

    Path by Simplex, a financial collaboration platform, announced that it has launched a range of data slicing-driven solutions. The feature will be available for all platform subscribers.

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    The latest announcement aims to help companies to offer their employees more straightforward access to the information they need.

    The company’s data slicing technology offers functions that help you make the necessary data available to each team member. Users can make sure that they do not share information that isn’t important to their colleagues.

    Path By Simplex’s financial collaboration platform also allows you to share their workflows with each other in the interface. There is also a milestone feature designed to help you track your historical progress.

    Why is data slicing important? Well, here are a few reasons. First of all, informed employees outperform their uninformed peers by 77%. Moreover, super-connected teams report a 21% increase in profitability.

    Services are provided through a dashboard on the Path by Simplex website. A variety of pricing options are available to fit your individual needs.

    Besides sharing workflows, you can also make use of a data mash feature. This solution offers real-time information, plus comparison calculation capabilities. You can even integrate Path by Simplex’s product with the bookkeeping software QuickBooks Online.

    Despite the importance of a data-driven collaborative approach, many small businesses struggle in this respect. 60% of small business owners aren’t confident in finance and accounting and, even more alarmingly, only 40% of small businesses are profitable.

    The technology also has a business impact center designed to help teams determine how effective they are with managing their ingoing and outgoing payments. Path by Simplex’s software also offers industry comparisons, data analysis, and overviews.

    The latest announcement is in line with Path by Simplex’s commitment to improving data-driven financial management and objective-setting for small businesses.

    Commenting on the product’s launch, CEO Robert J. Chandler said: “The pandemic has made it even more critical for businesses to keep up with their cash flows and gain a full oversight of their incomings and outgoings.

    “With Path by Simplex, we wanted to create a platform that was both easy to use and offered all the information users would need.

    “Our beta testing stage went well, and clients already love the product. We believe that over time, more businesses will love the benefits of our data slicing-driven solutions.”

    Do you want to finally make sharing financial information easier for your employees and get a better overview of your business? Don’t wait any longer. Head over and start your journey to a more profitable and transparent future!