A Top Cybersecurity Solutions Company Protects The City Of Westerville, Ohio


    The city of Westerville is now fully protected from cyber threats after a partnership with a leading cyber-security provider.

    Stealth Entry announces that it is now the cybersecurity partner of Westerville, Ohio. The local end-to-end cybersecurity provider was chosen to create and implement a city-wide cybersecurity program that supports all the city’s departments, from the police department to the City Hall, with their data collection and analytics.

    The new partnership builds on the patent-pending Blockchain encryption solution of Stealth Entry called STEALTH|CHAIN. The technology provides verified geo-fenced capabilities that track digital assets through verifiable locations. This means that users can deliver digital assets safely to their peers and prove where and when these transactions happened.

    This takes a holistic view of the city’s security threat-scape.

    Further, their roadmap to manage Westerville’s security policies utilizes their Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) Cyber Threat Operations Center which introduces several of the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence weapons and technology. One of these is its facial recognition platform RAPID-IQ which leverages STEALTH|CHAIN to provide real-time analytics on each person in a specific location at any given time.

    The city government chose Stealth Entry to protect its sensitive data due to the company’s reputation of providing easy-to-use yet comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that cover all aspects of data management and collection. In particular, RAPID-IQ allows officials to plan and execute rapid responses to exigent circumstances, such as mass public shootings or other critical incidents.

    Stealth Entry brings decades of experience and knowledge in securing sensitive classified information across the city’s various departments and defending them from cyber threats. It will be working closely with the Department of Defense, experts in the intelligence community, and military cyber commands to augment their cybersecurity program in Ohio.

    With the new partnership, Stealth Entry continues its mission of implementing data-driven and practical cybersecurity programs to companies and government agencies.

    A spokesperson for the company said, “Understanding our customers’ requirements is imperative to our success, and every effort is made to assist the clients in meeting their objectives.”