AmpiFire Demo & Review: Digital Marketing For Small Businesses App by Chris Munch


    Content marketing is changing the way an online presence drives results. In a world where content marketing is rapidly growing, it is increasingly harder for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their target audience. Simply creating extraordinary content is not enough anymore.

    Omnipresence, the goal of being everywhere at all times and at the same time, is exactly the strategy companies need to employ to become visible and generate more leads.

    Forbes and The Entrepreneur release new reports reviewing the content amplification platform, AmpiFire. AmpiFire is mostly automated, saving participants a lot of time. AmpiFire, the world’s first content amplification app, uses powerful Artificial Intelligence and software automation.

    The recent article review by the editorial team at Forbes presenting the software features can be found at

    You can read the Ampifire review by The Entrepreneur at

    Digital marketing is no longer just for driving brand awareness and conversions. It is an organization-wide service provider filling a variety of roles.

    AmpiFire by Chris Munch is dedicated to providing the most advanced, comprehensive website solutions available. The software platform offers comprehensive information and tools that enable users to run omnipresent digital marketing campaigns. It is perfect for businesses that want to dominate their market online and gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

    For The Entrepreneur, the CEO of Ampifire Chris Munch shared: “With many people looking to get exposure and build their businesses, it’s important to have access to remote tools and services to ensure that they gain the necessary attention needed for business growth without having to hire someone in-house.”

    The software comes with a top-notch online training program, called the 100K Shout Out. In the new course, participants will learn how to use the AmpiFire software, also known as the “Content Amplification Engine”, to create and spread posts, articles, videos, audios, social posts and even news about their brand and what they are promoting.

    Combining software automation and artificial intelligence with manual writing and optimization, AmpiFire is ideal for businesses interested in generating buyer traffic on demand and creating recurring streams of revenue.

    With AmpiFire users can give their business, product, and service offerings greater exposure and reach online using the power of Digital Multi-Cast Content Marketing.

    AmpiFire, an advanced content creation and re-purposing tool, allows users to create, publish and distribute their content in a variety of formats, including posts, articles, videos, audios, social posts and even news.

    Some of the platforms the AmpiFire software posts content on include real high traffic blogs, mainstream news sites, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn’s SlideShare, podcast directories, social media platforms, and even Google News.

    You can find a review of the content amplification platform by TechGyo at .