Avoid Data Breaches And Loss With Anti Phishing Platform With Threat Emulation


    To minimize risks of data breaches and loss, tightening your network security is never enough. Your employees also require attention!

    Specializing in cybersecurity solutions, PhishFirewall offers a fully automated software that helps enterprises significantly reduce their phish click rates to below 1%. Considered the world’s most effective anti-phishing technology to date, the SaaS platform bearing the company’s name is designed to modify employees’ behavior.

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    What makes the system so advanced is its use of artificial intelligence to analyze individual user trends and automatically adapt its phishing emulations. The program implements these simulations to train employees to stop falling for real phishing attacks.

    Every month, the software assigns a threat ranking to each user based on their performance for the previous 30 days. By doing so, it allows you to evaluate the system’s progress as far as training the individual is concerned.

    In lieu of a cookie-cutter program, PhishFirewall takes the time to understand each employee’s habits and needs, which increases the software’s efficiency and effectiveness. It also enables employees to get the appropriate amount of training that they require to improve their behavior and threat awareness.

    By providing both macro and micro analytics, the technology enables you to come up with metrics-based assessments of your organization’s susceptibility to phishing attacks. It becomes possible to tell not only the current risks that each employee presents, but also which locations and departments are most prone to specific types of attacks.

    The company writes, “We don’t believe that it’s possible to achieve the level of security we offer with a Do-It-Yourself solution. If you want your incident rate to drop to near 0%, that effort must be led by an intelligent system designed by the world’s leading experts on cybersecurity awareness.”

    Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, PhishFirewall was founded in 2019 by Joshua Crumbaugh, an internationally respected expert in the field of cybersecurity. The company believes that decreasing instances of network breaches largely depends on the ability of employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks. Their flagship software is dedicated to addressing this human factor.

    Integrate the anti-phishing platform and reduce your security team’s workload! You may visit the above website to learn more.