Final Fantasy VIII To Celebrate 20th Anniversary At A Winter Game With Mobus Final Fantasy


Square Enix has revealed during the Tokyo Game Show 2018 livestream for Mobius Final Fantasy that their 20th anniversary event will be coming to the Japanese version Mobius Final Fantasy this very winter and also to the global version in 2019.

This will feature an original story from the team behind Final Fantasy VIII just like Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy XIII.

Producer Yoshinori Kitasse will head the Mobius Final Fantasy team. He was the director of Final Fantasy VIII. Kitase taken part in the writing of the scenario of the game, lead writer of which was Kazushige Nojima.

Nojima is currently assuming the position of scenario supervisor on Mobius Final Fantasy. Shintaro Takai is the graphics & VFX director on Mobius. He also has experience as a battle effect director of Final Fantasy.

This marks the first time director Motomu Toriyama will work on Final Fantasy VIII content. While Final Fantasy VIII was being developed, Toriyama was writing another game, Racing Lagoon.