Inkle Studios Released Lost Language Translation & Decoding Adventure Video Game Heaven’s Vault

Adventure Game Heaven's Vault

Inkle Studios announced the launch of its new unique adventure game, called Heaven’s Vault, for PlayStation 4 and Windows. This stunning sci-fi archaeology adventure game officially premiered in late January 2019 at the New York Videogame Awards.

Developed by Inkle Studios, Heaven’s Vault is a stunning adventure game, heavy with thoughtful dialog and striking artwork.

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At first, it might appear that the player enters an extremely chaotic world as she is invited on a planet-surfing sci-fi journey. The main protagonist is Aliyah Elasra, an archaeologist who explores a doomsday prophecy on the most opulent planet inside her nebula. Together with her robot sidekick Six she investigates The Nebula, an ancient network of scattered moons and discovers the secrets of the Nebula’s past.

The game introduces the player to fascinating characters who inhabit beautiful ancient ruins and environments. In search of clues about the destiny of a professor who has disappeared, she unravels issues and analyzes many moons in her nebula to learn more about his travels.

A diverse cast of characters reacts to everything the main protagonist says, and change their approach depending on how they are treated.

“After 4 years of development and the creation of an entire hieroglyphic language, we’re delighted to say that the game is finally available to buy on Steam and PS4,” share the game developers.

Some new friendships are made and commerce alliances walk along with the main character to provide additional guidelines and ideas as to how she can read the various artifacts and clues and solve the mystery. Aliyah has to translate numerous passages written in an ancient lost script to complete her mission.

Heaven’s Vault features extremely beautiful 3D and 2D scenes and art.

While at the very beginning, the passages that Aliyah encounters might seem extremely bizarre and strange, the player gradually acquires new skills, expands her dictionary and becomes better at understanding and decoding the scripts. The game has a non-linear design, that means that the game can unravel in various ways depending on the choices a player makes in the game.

Heaven’s Vault features a totally unique art style, blending beautiful 3D environments and hand-drawn 2D art. It provides many opportunities for learning and translating old lost languages and taking the role of a thief, an explorer, a detective, a seeker, a savior and many more.

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