Immersive AR Software For Netflix’s Our Planet Allows Users To Join Collective Conservation Effort

immersive AR our planet

Melbourne-based immersive technology studio PHORIA will launch a new AR software allowing users to become part of an interactive, fully immersive conservation effort. Designed to complement the launch of Netflix’ new show, Our Planet, REWILD Our Planet combines 2D storytelling with cutting-edge AR gameplay to create a unique experience encouraging users to collaborate with each other to rewild endangered ecosystems.

REWILD Our Planet achieves this immersive AR environment using PHORIA’s software platform CAPTUR3D, a system which allows the creation of a virtual clone of each exhibition site. By integrating digital information with physical locations, the software is able to immerse the user in a new form of contextual storytelling.

Simultaneous International AR Experience

Parts of the experience include physical collaboration to restore damaged biomes, unlock singular weather patterns, encounter wild animals, and join collective efforts to promote environmental awareness.

The new AR experience is the first of its kind to operate simultaneously across three cities – a feat achieved with the help of Google’s ARCore software and Arup. Google’s software facilitates AR availability on mobile devices, while Arup provides the scalable structural design of the physical elements of the exhibition.

Immersive Visuals & Sound

immersive AR our planet

Users will also enjoy an immersive soundscape which Arup has developed by adapting the series’ original score and adding nature sound effects to enhance the key moments of the video.

With the help of Google, Arup and other partners, PHORIA aims to bring these unique AR experiences to the global public.

Trent Clews-de Castella, CEO of PHORIA”REWILD, says: “Our Planet showcases how AR has the power to build bridges between people and the places they love. This evocative experience emphasises the connection between human beings and our environment. It generates a sense of presence and interactivity for every individual user. Building this exhibition with Netflix and Google and combining it with compassion-driven narrative from WWF demonstrates how emerging XR technologies will transform the social impact sector for good.”

“Together, these world first features will generate a shared understanding of our responsibility to protect nature through time. The global activation has been designed to remind users that we are all on the same team and that the effort to rewild the world needs everyone involved,” he continues.

REWILD Our Planet will be launched at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore (6 April, 2019 – June 2, 2019) Dolby Studio in New York City (6 April, 2019 – 22 April, 2019) and We The Curious in Bristol (UK) (12 April, 2019 – 2 June, 2019).

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