AI Chat Customer Experience Now Better With LivePerson’s Maven Chatbot Innovations

ai chat customer experience

LivePerson, a company specializing in conversational commerce solutions, has just released its new Maven AI to help companies deliver high-quality customer experience across a variety of messaging channels.

Automated messaging solutions have grown increasingly popular in recent years, with studies showing that almost 15% of all American adults have interacted with a company via a chatbot in 2018 – a marked increase over previous years.

No Infrastructure Investment Needed

The new Maven AI chat customer experience solution is powered by LivePerson’s proprietary AI technology and is designed to facilitate seamless conversations between companies and customers – all through an integrated third-party platform that requires no infrastructure investment from the client companies.

“What brands looking to leverage AI to power conversational commerce should know is that they don’t need to build in-house expertise in machine learning, routing, and other complicated systems behind conversational AI,” saysAlex Spinelli, chief technology officer at LivePerson. “Maven solves these orchestration challenges so brands can focus on the core competitive advantages that make them the best at getting their customers what they want.”

The innovative AI solution includes significant enhancements designed to provide a highly personalized messaging solutions that actively responds to the needs of modern consumers.

Highly Personalized Interactions

Among the updates are Maven Assist, a system allowing chatbots to best respond to the customer’s intent, Maven AI-Powered Routing, allowing the dynamic routing of conversations with the right chatbots based on a variety of contextual info, as well as Maven Developer APIs, a set of developer tools which can be used to optimize other AI messaging systems using Maven.

Maven AI powers conversations between brands and consumers on a variety of platforms and channels, including everything from SMS and WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and Amazon Alexa.

The versatility of the new Maven AI system allows for endless applications across all industries. Airlines can reroute customers to the same agent they interacted with during a lost baggage claim, banks can identify VIP customers and direct them to dedicated advisors, and cable providers can tailor the interactions with pay-per-view customers.

The AI system behind Maven improves continuously with every conversation, learning to deliver an increasingly more genuine experience between brands and consumer.

Maven has recently won the “Best AI-Based Solution for Customer Service” from leading market intelligence organization AI Breakthrough.