Traffic Safety Crypto App Rewards Drivers For Not Checking Their Phones While Driving

traffic safety crypto app

Dolphin Technologies launched Mobilio app, a new cryptocurrency based mobile app which rewards drivers for not checking their phones when they receive a notification. By rewarding a positive social behavior, the company hopes to significantly decrease the incidence of mobile-related auto accidents.

Mobile Phones Leading Cause Of Auto Accidents

Recent figures show a series of worrying trends when it comes to global road safety. Traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 29, with mobile phones playing a role in at least a quarter. This makes mobiles the number one cause of auto accidents – a factor which is not only an important public safety risk, but also causes more than 500 billion in economic losses per year.

Checking a notification or answering an incoming call at 55 mph means driving blindly over the distance of a football field. While the high risk alone should be sufficient to deter drivers from engaging with their phones while behind the wheel, the deeper psychological factors involved make it hard to stay safe.

“The satisfaction of our curiosity by reaching for the phone is directly connected with the reward system of our brain,” explains Neurologist and Chairman of the Berlin Medical Association Examination Commission for Neurologists, Dr. Afshin Jawari.

The Solution: Reward Not Punishment

Punishing drivers from using their mobile phones while driving is generally ineffective, with studies showing that road safety does not necessarily increase with higher punishment.

“This is exactly why we are relying on reward instead of punishment,” says Harald Trautsch, CEO of Dolphin Technologies.

The Mobilio app rewards users for not using their mobile phones while driving. The points accumulated during each ride are automatically converted to Mobilio tokens, thus allowing drivers to mine cryptocurrency while driving safely. “This democratization of the distribution of Mobilio tokens has important implications for its future use and value,” adds Trautsch.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, where mining practices are often obscure, Mobilio helps users gather points while staying safe behind the wheel – and the more users the app gets, the higher its overall value.

“The vision that the Mobilio token could one day have a similar performance to Bitcoin and Co creates a strong incentive to drive safely,” says Trautsch

The Mobilio tokens can be used in the Mobilio Marketplace, which attracts increasingly more participants. Currently, users can pay for insurance products and services, select retailers and other marketplace participants.

Within the next few months, the token will also be traded on crypto exchanges.

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