Exigent Launches First Evergreen Fund For Data Tech, AI & Blockchain Startups

evergreen fund for data tech

Leading legal tech expert Exigent launched Bright Minds Capital Partners (BMCP), the first evergreen fund dedicated to supporting startups in legal and data technology, AI, blockchain, big data management and related sectors.

BMCP will provide capital, leadership and expertise to new startups in areas as diverse as legal technology, data extraction, corporate data management, data optimization and blockchain.

One of the first investments in the BMCP portfolio is Lexchain, an application that uses distributed blockchain ledger technology for immigration compliance automation. Blockchain technologies are a key focus of BMCP.

The new fund has been created by a group of legal strategists, information architects and other experts. Among the founders are CEO David Holme and Nicola Stott, who founded Exigent over 15 years ago.

Supporting Innovative Startups

The purpose of the new fund is to support the development of innovative technology with a lasting impact and a tangible ROI.

“We seek to attract ‘Bright Minds’ who can turn the current digital revolution into commercial applications. Starting with data from the legal department and with the sky as the limit. Blockchain, smart contracts, data visualization, machine learning– if you can demonstrate ROI, we are interested and can help you achieve it,” says David Holme, Chairman of Bright Minds.

“We’re the bridge between angel investors and Private Equity. We don’t have a typical VC structure with an investment director who has no clue of how to run a business. Everybody on our team has real life experience and has seen this before,” added Nicola Stott, CEO of Bright Minds.

Bright Minds Capital is based in Chicago and London, but is open to supporting innovative startups throughout the world. The fund co-invests along leading industry partners to provide both capital and expertise to new and promising startups in data technology, blockchain and other industries. More details can be found at https://www.brightmindscapitalpartners.com.