Build A Positive Mindset With A Personalized Online Vision Board For Gratitude


    How do you perceive the world?

    We often forget just how powerful language is, and how it shapes the reality we live in. Studies have shown that our ancestors could not perceive the color “blue” until they made a word for it. Until then, they described the shade as a greenish something, but never fully appreciated its beauty until a word encapsulated the wonders of “blue”. Imagine now the world that has yet to be explored because we have not found the words for it?

    In as little as three minutes a day, you can now positively start your workday, improve your mindset, and build your goals. Positive Prime, your dynamic digital vision board, helps you craft the enchantment of a better world, a world that YOU want.

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    The content app features carefully curated visual presentations from some of the world’s leading mindset experts such as Jack Canfield, Prof. Stephen G. Post, Rikka Zimmerman, David “Avocado” Wolfe, Joe Vitale, and Shawn Achor, among others. The goal of the app is to “prime” your brain to accept positive thinking and shift perceptions, consequently enhancing overall wellbeing.

    Numerous cognitive psychology studies confirm this. Experts have noted that the brain plays a crucial role in happiness and goal-setting. When it is cluttered with negativity, it is unable to focus on a specific task. This has a compounding effect, as people with a highly stressed mind find it difficult to achieve their goals.

    Positive Prime addresses this by using fact-based research that improves focus and performance. You can immediately shift your mindset for as little as three minutes a day with built-in gratitude practices and simple and easy mindfulness strategies. You can also curate your own visual content so you receive videos that match your needs and align with your individual journey.

    It’s your vision board on steroids! 

    Independent studies have noted that a three-minute video at Positive Prime can shift a person’s mindset for as long as six to eight hours. This effect increases the longer the person watches more videos. Experts have seen people become more productive at work and handle everyday stresses better after a session.

    To celebrate its strengthened content library, the company is offering a free 10-day trial to new users. Those who register now will also receive a free mindset magic gift set for happiness, health, and abundance.

    A grateful user wrote, “This brand-new approach will help millions of people live their lives to the fullest. The scale of the Positive Prime solution is unimaginable.”

    Language is magic – so what kind of positivity are you speaking into your life?

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