Commercial Property, Buildings Can Reduce & Monitor Water Usage by 15%-25%+


    Reduce, Monitor Water Usage Commercial Property, Buildings. Proprietary Water Technology Announced by Water Pilot LLC

    Water Pilot, LLC has developed a new water technology, the Water Pilot, that will help commercial properties, buildings lower their water usage bills and improve system efficiency. Commercial properties are often known for their high water usage bills, but with the Water Pilot, building managers can lower costs and extend the life of their water system at the same time. Learn more here

    In typical water systems, there is a water meter installed inside that tracks the volume of water moving through the system. As water moves through the pipes it spins a paddle, which then records the volume. Most water meters, however, do not differentiate between water passing through the system and air bubbles or pockets. When air pockets within your water supply flow through the water meter, the meter will inaccurately record this as water usage. The result is commercial property owners spending money on water that they are not using.

    The Water Pilot is precision-engineered, NSF 61 certified device made from medical grade stainless steel. When the Water Pilot valve is installed before your water meter, it compresses air pockets so that they can pass through the water meter without registering. At the same time, the Water Pilot reduces pressure fluctuations, which improves the accuracy of the water meter. See how Water Pilot works here

    In addition to making the water meters for commercial buildings more accurate, the Water Pilot also provides real-time monitoring. Building owners and managers are alerted whenever there are significant changes in water pressure, which are typically the result of a leak. By addressing leaks early, and extending the life of their water system through optimized pressure, building owners can save money on repair costs.

    In several case studies, Water Pilot users were able to save hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dollars each month. According to Water Pilot, LLC, “The Water Pilot® System has consistently proven a 10 to 25% or more reduction in water and sewer expenses.” See case studies

    Commercial property owners or managers looking to reduce their water consumption and repair bills each month should contact Water Pilot, LLC. Getting started with the Water Pilot is a 5-step process, which includes a complete analysis of your current water usage, a projection of cost reductions, and free installation.

    Should the building’s savings fail to live up to the initial projections, Water Pilot, LLC provides a full 60-day money-back guarantee. There is also a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty should you experience any issue with the device.

    Interested or know someone that might be? Learn more about how Water Pilot can save Commercial Property, Buildings 15%-25%+ in annual water usage and about our referral program here or by calling 970-379-9007.