Senior Care Centers & Housing Can Reduce & Monitor Water Usage by 15%-25%+


    Reduce & monitor water usage at senior housing, care centers. Proprietary water technology announced by Water Pilot LLC.

    Water Pilot, LLC has a new proprietary water technology that helps senior care facilities monitor and reduce their water usage. Senior housing and care centers use large amounts of water each month, resulting in high water usage expenses. With the Water Pilot installed within their water system, these senior care centers can begin to lower their costs. Learn more here

    Like all residential homes and commercial buildings, the water meter outside every senior care center measures water usage. When water flows through this meter, the water volume is tracked by the utility company and charged to the customer. However, typical water meters cannot tell the difference between water passing through the system and air in the line or pipe. When this happens, senior care facilities end up paying more, as the water company is charging for water that’s not even there.

    The Water Pilot is a revolutionary product that will help every senior care facility to save on water usage. The Water Pilot is a valve installed in the water system just before the water meter. As water passes through it, the air pockets are compressed so that they can pass through the meter undetected. From the moment the Water Pilot is installed, senior care centers can begin saving money. See how Water Pilot works

    Made from a medical-grade, 316 stainless steel, the Water Pilot is a precision-engineered NSF 61 certified device. By compressing air bubbles or pockets inside your current water system, the Water Pilot improves the accuracy of your water meter and provides additional data to building managers.

    The Water Pilot provides real-time monitoring, delivering immediate updates to building manager smart devices. This real-time monitoring will help to detect any leaks or problems with water pressure or water system, which will ultimately prolong the life of the building’s water system.

    By improving water pressure, the Water Pilot also eliminates pressure fluctuations that cause the water meter to over-spin. While end-users, such as housing residents, will see no negative impact on their water pressure, your water meter will become more accurate.

    According to Water Pilot, LLC, “The Water Pilot eliminates the problems that cause you to be billed for more water than you consume and use more water than you need or want to use.”

    Any manager of a senior housing or senior care facility interested in lowering their water-related expenses should consider the Water Pilot solution. Installation is free, and Water Pilot, LLC will even provide you with a detailed analysis of how much the Water Pilot can save you each month. Should your savings fail to live up to the provided estimates, Water Pilot, LLC provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    Interested or know someone that might be? Learn more about how Water Pilot can save Senior Housing, Care Centers 15%-25%+ in annual water usage and about our referral program here or by calling 970-379-9007.