Cost-Effective Server Migration To The Cloud Without Complicated RFP Hassles


    The global pandemic has many local and national businesses scrambling to migrate their servers and business applications to the cloud. Cloud server migrations are the first step to ensuring business continuity, enabling employees to work from home and access critical business applications.

    If your business is looking to migrate servers to the cloud, the knee-jerk reaction is to pick a big name vendor such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. However, agile private secure cloud service providers can provide your business with the same quality and performance at a significantly lower cost. How can your business find IT solutions that meet specific business needs and ensure compliance with global standards while staying within your budget?

    Santa Ana, CA based technology sourcing company, with offices in Franklin, TN, Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, FL, Technology Source has launched sourcing as a service to help your local or national business optimize the cost of cloud migrations. Professional IT sourcing enables your IT department to optimize their spending by considering alternatives to large public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Rackspace. 

    If your company has made IT budget cuts and is looking for new ways to stay profitable during the global pandemic, consider migrating your servers to private cloud providers. In some cases, private cloud providers offer comparable bandwidth and data center infrastructure with up to 25 percent more processing, storage, and memory to support business applications. 

    The traditional technology request for proposal (RFP) process can take months to complete—months that your business may not have to spare. Technology Source can turn those months into weeks without compromising the quality of service you receive.

    IT RFP teams at Technology Source create custom RFPs that meet your technology needs, on your terms, and within your budget. The company manages RFPs to multiple service providers and collates competitive quotes from public and private cloud infrastructure providers. 

    Technology Source connects your business with the top local and global IT solution providers. Whether you’re a local business looking for secure cloud server space or a multinational operation seeking distributed cloud infrastructure, Technology Source is here to help.  

    Sourcing as a service can lower RFP process turnaround times from 6 months to two weeks, saving time, effort, and the cost associated with cloud server migrations. Single-point technology sourcing removes the effort needed to handle sales calls from multiple service providers and the documentation associated with RFP responses.

    Technology Source partners with IT solution providers to deliver quotes for industry-specific server, hardware, software, security, and communication solutions. The company can source tech solutions from vendors who provide HIPAA, PCI, and NIST-compliant technology infrastructure.

    Technology Source is a specialized IT sourcing platform provider based in Santa Ana, CA, serving businesses in and around Greater Los Angeles. 

    Call 800-340-8115 or visit to get sourcing as a service for your IT needs.