Customized Onsite And Network Security Can Be Cost-Effective And Scalable


    Is your organization adequately protected against internal and external cyber threats? Does your security system offer world-class monitoring and threat handling without burdening your budget? Call Stealth Entry for cost-effective IT managed security solutions that keep your data and IT infrastructure secure at low costs.

    The Ohio-based cybersecurity firm has launched cost-effective monthly CSAAS subscription plans that meet the IT security needs of startups and large enterprises. Subscription-based network security makes sophisticated automated and human cybersecurity services available on-demand. Get a 30-day free trial and cancel your subscription at any time.

    Telecom giant Verizon estimates that 52 percent of data breaches are caused by external hacks with 34 percent reporting internal involvement. A Forbes report estimates cloud security spending to increase by about 33 percent in 2020. Keeping your IT infrastructure safe is no longer optional or merely good for business—it’s mission-critical.

    Stealth Entry offers bundled IT and cyber defense solutions that scale to meet your organization’s specific security and compliance needs. CSAAS delivers 24×7×365 monitoring, cloud and on-premise monitoring, human event analysis, and real-time customized analytics supported by a powerful reporting framework.

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    The IT managed security provider deploys active threat detection, and rapid incident response services backed by digital forensics specialists. Stealth Entry has successfully partnered with governments, government agencies, military, and commercial organizations, developing customized cyber defense protocols for networks, servers, and applications.

    Your Stealth Entry CSAAS subscription gives you access to world-class NOC and cost-effective remote Security Operations Centers. Advanced cybersecurity services include automated incident management, remote incident response, endpoint threat isolation, virus, and malware removal, environment hardening, and firewall management.

    The new CSAAS solution takes a holistic view of your organization’s security threatscape. Stealth Entry uses a risk-based approach to protect business-critical data and assets that scales to the needs of startups and multinational enterprises.

    Founded in 2009, Stealth Entry is a full-service cybersecurity solutions company working with businesses and government agencies across the United States. The company is headed by USMC veteran Israel Arroyo, Jr. and specializes in scalable, affordable, and robust custom cloud IT infrastructure security solutions that help organizations meet global compliance and security standards. 

    The company has successfully created solutions for federal, state, and local government organizations as well as businesses in education, finance, banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, and critical infrastructure.

    Call 833-423-2927 or visit for more information. Take your organization’s IT threat readiness to the next level with budget-friendly cybersecurity managed service solutions from Stealth Entry.