Digital Marketing Company Market Merchant Launches The Biggest Kaduna Sales Event This December


Digital marketing, e-commerce public relations and event company Market Merchant NG announced that it will be hosting the biggest sales party event in the city of Kaduna this December.

The title of the event is “The Kaduna Shopping Party.” It is scheduled for the December 29.

The event will take place at House 50 Lounge, NO. 50, Nyerere Road  (Post Office Road), Narayi High Cost, Kaduna.

According to an official press release, the party will offer visitors the opportunities to purchase jewelry, clothing items, shoes, gadgets, accessories, mobile phones, books, cosmetics, cars and many more different products.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy some of the comedy shows and the fireworks or take part in the auction party or the planned flash sales.

Other side attraction include:

  • music
  • makeup
  • photo binge
  • red carpet  interviews
  • games
  • flash sale

Market Marchant team representatives were reluctant to reveal more details about the event but  promise that they will bring “the feel of a shopping spree plus a house party all together in one place” and that  the party will be “mind blowing, entertaining and beautiful.”

Interested parties can follow the Market Merchant NG Twitter account @MMNG_Online for more information or check the Facebook page @MarketMerchantNg.