Discover The Best 2021 Bitcoin Alternative With Sean Browne’s Lionne Share Coin


    If you’re looking to get involved with the crypto market and want a new coin to support while diversifying your portfolio, you’re in the right place.

    Sean Browne, the CEO of Sovereign Leaders Enterprise LLC and an Olympic boxing coach, has announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency, called Lionne Share. It has been approved to be traded on the Uniswap exchange and is set to open to the public this year.

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    With the latest crypto announcement, Sean explains that he has become the first African American to have an established cryptocurrency to be approved for trading on an exchange.

    Lionne Share has the LSH symbol and is on the Ethereum blockchain. With cryptocurrency receiving widespread mainstream attention, LSH is set to be a high-impact asset this year and beyond.

    Bitcoin was established in 2009, and in the years since thousands of cryptocurrencies have emerged. LSH is the latest and is supported on a robust network, giving you added peace of mind as an investor.

    Cryptocurrency continues to gain traction across the world and is being used by more industries as its popularity grows.

    Before he created Lionne Share, Sean Browne developed his coding skills and love of programming from a young age. He attended Stranahan High School, where he found his passion for the subject and is currently enrolled at Harvard University online.

    Cryptocurrency has a range of benefits for owners around the world. Because it’s fully decentralized, it’s one of the safest methods of digital payment available. Your funds can be transferred quickly and easily, without the need for a bank.

    Other use cases include hedging against inflation, and you can buy safe in the knowledge that this type of currency is immune to government regulations. Unlike traditional currency, the supply can’t be modified or controlled.

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    By creating the currency, Sean is proud to support the social movement towards a fairer decentralized environment.

    Once Lionne Share is opened to the public this year, you will be able to use the coin for the exchange of goods and services through a secure decentralized environment.

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