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    The newly updated DFY Suite 3.0 contains a host of strategic, automated marketing features. You can simply input the URL that you want promoted, along with keywords that you wish to rank for and DFY’s social syndication program takes care of the rest.

    Web syndication is the process of making content available between websites. Most commonly smaller companies produce content which is then syndicated for publishing on larger sites with established audiences.

    The platform automatically pushes your content out to major news and social media sites, offering blanket coverage across a range of online mediums.

    You have the choice of creating the content for your own campaign or using DFY Suite’s onboard content generation service. News articles, blogs, podcasts, slideshows and videos are some of the mediums through which DFY Suite generates and promotes content.

    DFY Suite focuses on getting subscriber content seen and engaged with as many potential customers as possible. The company have helped hundreds of businesses like yours achieve number 1 organic rankings on Google for chosen keywords with their proven syndication system.

    You don’t need to download any specific software to use the suite. The platform’s submission process is designed to be simple, intuitive and fast for anyone to use.

    DFY Suite hosts IP servers across the globe to help your business reach new international markets. The DFY syndication system is now available in multiple languages, further increasing your ranking reach.

    Also on offer through Jason Don’s website is an opportunity for you to attain your own DFY Suite agency license. If you’re a marketing professional or run an agency, you can harness the marketing power of the platform to promote your own clients’ products and services.

    A DFY spokesperson says, “We’ve spent time revamping our content generation system to ensure you get the best content so all your campaigns have maximum ranking power.”

    With the launch of the latest DFY Suite 3.0 promotion, Jason Don and the DFY Suite team continue to make revenue growth and top ranking a reality for businesses everywhere.

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