The San Bernardino, CA Microsoft Expert Offers Affordable Business Data Systems


    Does your business have unique data-management needs? You don’t need to break the bank to find a solution!

    Redlands, California-based software development agency Software Produx has launched a range of tailor-made business software solutions that leverage the Microsoft suite.

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    Focused on clients in the San Bernardino, Redlands, and Riverside areas, the service is designed to provide your small or medium-sized businesses with customized software functionality without the expense that a fully bespoke application would entail.

    Microsoft requires little introduction, with Statistica reporting that the popular Windows operating system commanded a 77.74% share of the market as of July 2020. In addition to the Microsoft Office package, the company is also well known for SharePoint, SQL Server, and Access.

    The latest solutions from Software Produx are centered around the provision of cost-effective data-management systems for your business. As official instructors in Microsoft Excel, the experienced team utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic to develop a range of advanced Excel applications. More details can be seen here:

    Well-suited if you have a smaller business requiring a single office application, the new services extend to the development of custom data libraries using Microsoft Access. Given the speed with which these systems can be developed, they offer you a highly efficient and inexpensive solution that can still meet unique requirements.

    Larger business operations requiring multi-site systems and connectivity are now catered for by custom applications developed using Microsoft Power Apps and SharePoint. These systems provide your business with data that is accessible across the web and via mobile devices.

    An important component of the new services is the ability to provide cost efficiencies which make the solutions accessible to a broad array of businesses. Utilizing rapid development tools such as Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Access plays a large part in the company’s approach.

    A second factor is the company’s history and experience, which gives the team of developers access to a large library of unique code that has been compiled over years of project development work. The ability to repurpose code from similar development efforts allows Software Produx to increase the speed with which new systems can be built, translating into savings for your business.

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