Discover The Science Behind Harry Potter’s Magic & iBlissnow’s Energy Apps


    With iBlissnow you can harness the power of subtle energy for well being and to improve vibrational energy.

    iBlissnow has also mastered the science of Action At A Distance and Radionics. They provide a range of amplified subtle energy apps and digital energy products to help users achieve improved well being and alter states of consciousnesses.

    Now they’ve written a new guide to understand the science of Harry Potter’s magic, and how they are creating using the same science their work.

    They have transmuted the philosopher’s stone, into a energetic form that can be digitally reproduced. This energy has then been integrated into downloadable audio, video and JPEG apps.

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    In the new guide written by Dr. Norman McVea compares the similarities between quantum physics and the magic that Harry Potter uses. It allows the reader to compare the science behind the magic and how iBlissnow is harnessing it in their Apps and Software.

    Readers will learn how Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is very similar to an ancient mystery schools that taught PSI or psychic skills and metaphysics, and three primary sciences of astrology, alchemy and magic. These studies are all interlinked, and can lead to advanced abilities with research and practice.

    Alongside the above-mentioned subjects, it’s especially important to consider energy psychology. Together with the above sciences can lead to a understanding of the philosopher’s stone beyond the movies.

    The team at iBlissnow use this Quantum Super Computer Technology and 40 years of research in creating a range of energy apps and software. They have a unique Action At A Distance Program that can process targets with trend energy.

    This remote influencing device is a process of Micro Vibratory Physics using a kinetic White Light video carrier signal, users can pulse, lead or shape the bio-field of their target with custom energy formulations.

    The AAAD system was created by Dr. Norman McVea, and was born from 15 years of research in Micro Vibratory in a Quantum Physics labs, and 40 years research in Egyptian Temple Science and Sacred Geometry.

    He states: “Our energized Apps and software transforms the way you feel when dealing with stress, low energy, pain release, relaxation, athletic performance, creativity, music appreciation, bliss states, meditation, and psychic development.”

    He adds: “We capture subtle energy fields of scared substances and increase their effects by millions of times-which has transformed the fields and study of altered consciousness, energy psychology, energy medicine and alchemy. All without damaging effects to the user’s bio-field and without needing them to use headphones, since this is not the outdated binaural technology.”

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