BoxCryptor Review: Get Secure End-To-End Encryption For All Your Data


    When it comes to cloud storage, there’s one worry on everyone’s mind: security. Finding a reliable data protection tool is hugely important to protect your privacy and that of your clients and co-workers.

    Now, with the launch of BoxCryptor, you can get the best security with end-to-end encryption. This means all your data is secure no matter what cloud storage provider you use.

    BoxCryptor works with Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox and a host of other providers. It can be used by companies and individuals alike, and offers cutting edge protection.

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    BoxCryptor works with all the popular cloud storage providers, and helps to secure data, privacy and information saved online and in the cloud.

    The team behind BoxCryptor explains that the tool offers end-to-end encryption of the information that users share or store online. Whether this is personal data, trade secrets or proprietary information, BoxCryptor can help.

    Additional services include being able to protect private client information and provide secure file collaboration. This makes BoxCryptor a reliable tool for all digital and online collaboration.

    Because of this, the new tool can be used by companies, individuals and professionals in any niche. Teams can collaborate and work more seamlessly, all while knowing their data is safe and secure.

    BoxCryptor’s creators know that many people have queries and concerns about their data and information online. For example, they wonder what happens of an employee shares encryption information, how to know when cloud data is secure, and what to do when going outside Google Drive and DropBox.

    The team states that with the right encryption in place, BoxCryptor allows for the elimination of these queries and concerns.

    The tool offers data security for smartphones, tablets and desktops. With end to end encryption, it provides high levels of security for all users.

    Some of the features that BoxCryptor utilizes includes activity auditing, group management, email and password encryption, user password protection and more.

    The company states: “If you’re looking for a sound investment in online Cloud storage security, Boxcryptor has something for everyone. There’s a product for business and for personal use. Online encryption safeguards passwords and personal information. Data won’t get into the wrong hands, and important or proprietary information will remain secure.”

    It continues: “Boxcryptor supports over 30 cloud storage providers. This means your information is encrypted and secure in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others.”

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