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    Cybercrimes are on the increase, with over £2.7 Billion in profits made in 2019 alone. This is because attackers can access your data and even when you think it is secure. ChatMailecc are a UK based online retailer at the forefront of high level secure mobiles and multi-layered encryption that is fast becoming essential in this world of online.

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    Since the use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption for emails began in the 1990s, there have incredible advances in the world of private communication and data protection. ChatMailecc uses both PGP and ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) to create the most advanced encryption software which has been added to encrypted mobile phones. ChatMailecc has created a multi-layer integrated encryption program that uses the exclusive ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP) to perform a more fluid, smooth communication platform safeguarded by both PGP and Elliptical Curve Cryptography. This means that the most cutting-edge technology protects your communications and data.

    Applications or Apps drive the mobile phone industry, yet few individuals take the time to research the provider or permissions you give to them. You are, in many cases, awarding complete access to your personal data. This is required to assure the app’s functionality. But after you have downloaded it, it’s impossible to comprehend how your private data and network is being used, shared, followed, and modified without additional warning or permission. In short you have no idea what they do with your data.

    ChatMailecc shields your privacy at all points via state-of-the-art encrypted technology, no matter where you are communicating throughout the world.

    Your private information is valuable even if you don’t believe it. Your personal data is worth selling, and every 39 seconds, someone becomes a victim of cybercrime attackers. This is why Chatmailecc has built an easy to use but effective encryption algorithm to keep you safe from hackers. Your devices are protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that all your communications are secure from the moment you type or call.

    ChatMailecc encryption is an amazingly effective tool in the fight against cyber attackers for not just individuals but for businesses as well. Many businesses in a variety of industries store and use customers private data making them vulnerable to online hackers. Keeping people’s information secure is crucial and your business could be at risk of legal action, hefty fines, and loss of reputation if you are compromised and your databases are infiltrated. The loss you would suffer would be immeasurable. ChatMailecc has the added security of multi-layered protection that is needed to safeguard all your client’s sensitive data. If you are serious about securing your personal data or if you are dealing with other people’s sensitive information, Chatmailecc is an essential product you would benefit from.

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