Secure Your Wi-Fi With Plug-And-Play IP Cloaking & Cutting-Edge Privacy Tools


    If you’re looking for the best privacy devices, software and tools to keep your family browsing safe or more internet protection when you’re working at home, you’re in the right place.

    PrivaceBubble has launched a new guide covering the best online security and privacy tools for safeguarding personal data at home. It compares the top five trending privacy tools, tricks and services to ensure protection to beat trackers and hackers.

    You’ll learn about Winston, an all-in-one solution that acts as an internet scrambler, VPN alternative, firewall, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and ad blocker – and how it can safeguard every device connected to your router!

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    The newly launched guide aims to educate you on solutions to the growing concern for personal data protection. PrivaceBubble addresses how collecting personal data with the intent of improving lives is the culprit in an avalanche of cyber security threats, privacy scandals and the controversial practices of Silicon Valley giants, data brokers and governments.

    Many people are waking up to the reality that their devices are sharing their personal data, even if they have a VPN. There is an exciting increase in choices to take back control of your personal privacy and beat the surveillance economy, however it can be absolutely overwhelming to pick which one is right for you. This new guide helps to find a balance between personalization and privacy.

    The newly launched guide features the popular, Winston Privacy device. It explains how people looking for a plug-and-play hardware filter for home Wi-Fi encryption will regain privacy control with the innovative system.

    Author Shelley Mantei writes: “The software scrambles and anonymizes your data, and that isn’t all. It blocks ISPs from snooping on you, blocks ads, pop-ups, and periodically deletes cookies. In ridding your internet connection of all this extra baggage, Winston also allows you to browse the internet faster, and cuts down on your data usage.”

    As part of its secure browsing functionality, it encrypts internet to fight hackers and identity theft. It cloaks IP addresses with the Winston proprietary Peer-to-Peer Privacy Mesh network, a zero-logging distributed privacy solution.

    You can buy Winston to deliver a better, more secure and more reliable internet experience. It has been designed especially to protect every connected device in the home, allowing you to truly browse the web anonymously, protect your IoT smart devices, and enjoy faster browsing.

    One of the primary benefits of the system is that it’s non-techie friendly and only takes 60 seconds to set up.

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