Get Luxury Bed Warming Mattress Toppers With Non-Electric Safe Technology


    Get dual-control water-heated mattress toppers to provide the very best in comfort! They transform your bed with the ultimate in non-electric bed heating technology.

    You’ll love these toppers for their ease of use and quality experience – as they provide more heat without the risk of fire or overheating!

    Navien Mate has launched a new bed warming mattress topper that offers a direct alternative to electric blankets. The water-heated mattress pads are designed to provide superior functionality, and two options are available based on customers’ needs.

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    The Navien Mate offers water-heating technology that is safer than electric options while providing a warming, comfortable experience in use. The technology creates more heat without the risk of fire or overheating.

    Dual temperature controls are available, allowing for separate heating and cooling zones. This gives customers two different heating and cooling zones that can be customized to their exact preferences.

    The team explains that Navien Mate mattress pads are the thinnest on the market, created with the intention of offering maximum sleep comfort. One of the main benefits over electric blankets is that there are no uncomfortable wires or loud machines.

    Because the warmth is provided by hot water, the mattress topper can provide a healing effect for the customer. The topper can relieve stress, reduce inflammation, and help to manage soreness all over the body.

    Furthermore, customers can buy safe in the knowledge that the product is fully eco friendly. The technology saves up to 50% compared to electric heating mattress pads by recirculating warm water.

    Other features include a child-safe mode, self-check system, and a timer for added convenience and ease of use. This allows customers to set the ideal time for when they would like the bed to be warmed.

    Alongside this, there is an automated sterilization feature that allows customers to keep the product clean. With the click of a button, the button turns on sterilization mode to ensure the device is bacteria free.

    A spokesperson for the company states: “Special knowledge or tools are not required to install and operate your Navien Mate. The intuitive interface of the heating unit comes naturally and is easy to understand.”

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