Ensure That Your Cloud Space Vendor Can Protect Your Data With This Guide


    Are you considering cloud services for your business? Do you wish there was a way to guarantee the security of your company and client data? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this tool!

    inSOC has recently launched a security solutions resource for businesses. It will provide your business with the tools needed to vet cloud storage vendors for maximum data security. It also shows the risks attached to operating business functions through the cloud and provides you with solutions to these issues.

    Go to https://www.in-soc.com/blog/safety-risks-with-the-growing-cloud-storage-industry for more info!

    The newly launched security strategy will provide you with information with regards to migrating your services to an online space. It highlights how the pandemic has affected online data security protocols and will help you identify flaws in data security systems. 

    inSOC reveals that many businesses are looking to rent cloud space from specific vendors. Their new security plan provides tools that business owners can use to vet a cloud service provider before signing any agreements.

    They also show that the increased use of cloud space exposes your customers to cyber attacks. These attacks commonly appear as phishing emails and can compromise the financial information of your business. It also highlights that several trusted cloud space vendors have suffered from data breaches in 2020. 

    CIO of inSOC Jeff Gulick explained that hackers are seeking to feed the public with misinformation to cause civil and political unrest. He also explained, “ They also want to be able to send emails to your customers and tell them you need to send your invoices to this new bank account in Switzerland or an internal employee saying ‘Hey HR, I need you to send me all of the Social Security numbers of all of our employees.’” inSOC proposes preventative measures that you can implement.

    Their new plan proposes a five-step method to vet cloud service providers. The steps involve assessing a provider’s Policies, Encryption, Location and Redundancies, Data Availability and Usage, and Tenure. When executed, these steps will allow you to find a secure working environment.

    Visit https://www.in-soc.com/blog/how-to-protect-cloud-content-and-users for details!

    The company explains that vetting a cloud service vendor is similar to choosing an appropriate bank or HVAC contractor. They will provide the ideal steps to help you keep your data protected.

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