Fijutsi Releases The First AI-Powered Daycare Admissions Software Product


The Japanese Fijitsu Limited, the leading information and communication technology company, announced the launch of an innovative AI-equipped daycare admissions screening technology. The device is aimed at helping municipal employees perform child daycare screening tasks. 

The Japanese company releases a powerful solution for daycare centers that features “Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai,” which is how Fujitsu has termed its AI technology. The new software will find its application in thousands of children to daycare institutions, who have diverse needs of reviewing and screening a large pool of applicants based on pre-determined by the local governments admissions requirements.

It is expected that the new Fujitsu AI-powered software will streamline the  process of matching children applicants to daycare centers, which by now has been done on a “trial and error” basis. The new device will provide opportunities for incorporating game theory, a mathematical approach that rationally resolves  a problem by taking into account the relationships between people with conflict interests.

The AI-equipped technology will provide allocate children to children and daycare centers by following the specific criteria and by observing the applicants’ requests within a few seconds.

The new software is currently being tested in more than 30 local governments, including Otsu, Shiga, Prefecture. Some other local governments and cities like Kusastu are planning on introducing the solution in fiscal 2018, while Tokyo’s Minato will use the device from fiscal 2019.

According to an official press release by Fujitsu, the new AI-powered software uses a step by step matching process:

  • extracting necessary information from child-rearing support system for admissions screenings
  • conducting admissions screening using AI based on various applicant requests, priority criteria, local government standards
  • visualizing assignment results, offering explanations to residents.

Thus the new AI-based admissions screening software offers users to see the optimal allocation results in several seconds.

The software is available for purchase from November 12. For more information on pricing and availability of the public solution for a child-rearing and daycare centers please visit