Flexible Accounting Software Allows Entrepreneurs to Create Unique Formulas


    Do you want a powerful but simple accounting solution? This user-friendly software is just what you’re looking for.

    San Antonio, TX-based Simplex Financials, Inc. announces the launch of its updated customizable business accounting software. Called Path, this offering provides your business with a flexible system for creating bespoke financial calculations.

    Learn more by visiting https://pathbysimplex.com

    This updated service is an alternative to the mainstream accounting software that often offer limited customizability. By allowing you to create accounting formulas that are specific and relevant to your industry, you can better track revenue and profitability.

    Path was created in response to the fact that 60% of SME owners are not confident in their finance and accounting systems. This software simplifies the accounting process and allows entrepreneurs to track or measure financial aspects that matter to them most.

    The app’s key feature is called Data Mash, a user-friendly system that enables the creation of tailor-made computations. To use it, you need only to type words or numbers in the search bar, after which recommended functions or formulas will appear.

    Data Mash allows for endless customizability, enabling you to create as simple or as complex a formula as you wish. All tabulations are drawn from real-time data, ensuring that figures are accurate up to the minute.

    Simplex Financials, Inc. says that using Path and Data Mash leads to more efficiency and less wasted effort. As such, you and your personnel can dedicate more of your time to more crucial tasks.

    Moreover, the software allows you to become more intimately knowledgeable about your business’ operating and financial performance. And since the formulas and tabulations can be shared across your organization, Path encourages transparency and accountability.

    Simplex Financials, Inc. is a leading software solution provider that specializes in streamlining the operations of SMEs. It is currently offering free case studies so that prospective clients can better appreciate Path’s features.

    A spokesperson says: “Accounting is a vital but time-consuming task that small business owners often have to assume themselves. Our Path software offers a powerful and flexible system that allows them to create bespoke formulas in mere minutes.”

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