Get Advanced Connected Vehicle Solutions From Top-Rated Automotive IoT Company


    Collect and analyze vehicle data to make your business more profitable — go to Fueloyal for high-quality, reliable, and technologically-advanced OEM connected vehicle platform solutions!

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    With the newly announced launch, the company strives to enable OEMs to gain a competitive advantage by utilizing and improving connected vehicle services.

    Fueloyal specializes in providing solutions that aim to enable devices and systems to connect and exchange data. The company is dedicated to helping you launch your branded connectivity and telematics platforms to collect data and use it for R&D purposes to launch your new products.

    The company’s connected vehicle solutions are fully customized and include IoT Modules, cloud infrastructure, and web and mobile software apps. They aim to provide next-level functionalities in the area of vehicle profitability, MaaS, vendor/part analysis, warranty expense reduction, and early recall detection.

    With two-way data management, you can send and receive real-time telemetry data from vehicles and use it for R&D purposes. Fueloyal aims to enable you to adopt a nuanced approach to product development by harnessing and utilizing data to form actionable customer segments and individualized offers and incentives.

    The company’s connected vehicle platform solutions are designed to help you get a deep understanding of each vehicle component, vendor, and supplier to ensure the vehicles remain profitable. By monitoring and analyzing the collected data, you can detect potential failures before they happen.

    The latest launch is in line with the company’s commitment to providing configurable connected vehicle platform solutions that meet the client’s specific needs.

    Fueloyal was founded in 2015 as an automotive IoT and connected vehicle platform provider. The company aims to utilize self-developed and patented IoT technology and provide corporations and OEMs with a suite of connected vehicle and business solutions. They utilize a proprietary software analytics platform that collects, mines, and transforms vehicle data. You can find out more at

    A spokesperson for the company said: “Fueloyal delivers enterprise and OEM grade of the most advanced hardware, IoT solutions that enable real-time data collection and edge computing.”

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