Get A Business Milestone Documentation Platform To Track Achievement History


    Are you looking to document your business’s story? Would you like to monitor the real-life causes of your financial wins and loss?

    Simplex Financials has announced the launch of its Path technology platform, which provides you with the means to document and connect both the financial and non-financial milestones of your company’s history.

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    The newly launched service from Simplex Financials aims to give business owners like you the tools you need to help track all the key milestones and important moments of your company, such as critical events and employee achievements, as well as your financial successes.

    As a business owner, you will be aware of the connection between events in your business’s history and the related financial impacts of those events on the wins and losses your company faces. However, maintaining clear documentation and records of both events and their results that can be reflected upon, celebrated, and utilized for future planning can be challenging. Simplex Financials is aiming to provide you with an effective solution to business documentation with their newly launched Path platform.

    The Path technology platform from Simplex Financials gives you the ability to incorporate your financial data and statistics alongside the real-world events that caused them. By giving you a comprehensive viewpoint, you are able to understand the causes of financial variations within your company to help inform your future strategies and planning.

    With a clear presentation of your company’s story, the Path platform also allows you to celebrate achievements such as recognizing your employee’s successes which can be used to build on morale and motivation within a team. Furthermore, by enabling your teams to understand the impact of their work on the business’s success, the Path system helps them to feel more connected and informed on their part of your company as a whole.

    Simplex Financial’s newly launched platform also features QuickBooks integration, snapshots, and industry comparisons that aim to allow you access to more detailed financial analysis. The Path platform also aims to include additional social features for your team communications, collaborations, bookmarking, and to-do lists, making it a holistic solution for tracking and managing all aspects of your business’s past, present, and future goals.

    You can find more details on real-life examples of the platform in action, with several business stories available on the company’s website, as well as details on how you can start a free trial to see the platform in action.

    Discover how to record your business’s complete financial and non-financial story with Simplex Financial’s Path platform today! 

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