Get A CLIP Water Resistant Floating Portable Speaker For Your Outdoor Adventures


    Music and nature provide the perfect recipe for a fun and relaxing outdoor vacation! Based in Colorado Springs, VersaJam LLC offers their namesake product, a portable speaker designed specifically for hikers, campers, fishers, beachgoers, and other nature lovers. 

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    VersaJam provides all the features that outdoor enthusiasts look for in their audio devices. Recognizing the harsh conditions that their products may undergo, they made sure their speakers are able to withstand various environments.

    Bearing an IP68 rating, VersaJam is built to resist water, ice, snow, sand, sawdust, and other elements. The device also floats on water, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop it in the lake, ocean, or river during your escapades.

    The speakers use Bluetooth technology to easily connect with other mobile devices. They last for up to six hours of continuous playback. When their battery has been drained, it takes only 30 minutes to charge the units through their micro USB interface. They can also be operated while charging.

    Measuring only 4 x 1 x 2 inches, VersaJam has a compact form that makes it optimal for outdoor activities. It also comes with an exclusive carabiner and lanyard, so you can conveniently clip it on your belt, truck, or wherever you may please. Despite its small size, the device produces a loud and high quality sound.

    The speakers are available in bright shades of yellow and orange, allowing you to easily find them against many natural backdrops like sand, water, or snow. They also glow in the dark, making them an excellent companion at night. If you prefer muted colors, the product also has an all-black version.

    VersaJam was created by the company’s founder, Thane Holland. As a company spokesperson explains, “Thane, while fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains, smashed his old speaker because it kept bouncing around and hitting him every time he casted, jumped to a new boulder, or changed positions. VersaJam was born, the first bruise-less speaker.”

    Through their signature product, VersaJam LLC aims to afford the public a new breed of travel speakers so every outdoorsman may enjoy music wherever their adventures take them.

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