Get A Secure Video Conferencing Package For Less With This Specialist Company


    Are you and your team working remotely? How are you staying connected to your employees, customers, and stakeholders? Have you considered using secure webinar and video conferencing software? If you have answered ‘yes’ this company offers many features including a virtual waiting room for interviewees!

    If your business currently has a remote workforce you can benefit from a newly launched range of video conferencing and webinar packages designed to connect you and your team even if you are not in the same physical place. In case you are wondering, MegaMeeting offers secure video conferencing at the highest quality over the lowest latency possible, at affordable prices.

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    The newly launched tool includes VoIP audio and teleconferencing for web users as well as a conference call bridge option for your team members who prefer to use their phone to dial in. The team behind MegaMeeting say the screen sharing feature is useful for you and your team if you need to have remote meetings or give presentations. There are also breakout rooms for you and your team to have separate conversations during meetings.

    MegaMeeting aims to overcome the challenges faced by your remote workforce and companies that have had to quickly implement work from home policies. The idea behind the service is to keep you connected regardless of where you are in the world through high-quality audio and video.

    SMS links and email invitations can be sent to your attendees, whether for a meeting, online interview, or event. The platform features an easy to use built-in invitation system alongside a recording option for playback or to send to your attendees who cannot make the meeting.

    In case you are wondering, a white labeled version of MegaMeeting is available for you if you want to customize your online meeting space with your own domain, logos, and brand colors. A virtual waiting room is the ideal facility for online interviews, which as you may be aware are becoming more prevalent due to the current global situation.

    Due to the secure nature of the tool you have the option to securely share video links, files, and chat privately to your team members or potential interview candidates.

    A company spokesperson said: “Video conferencing software and webinar services have extended beyond the board room and are changing how many industries interact and communicate with each other.”

    “As this technology becomes more available, more companies are adding web conferencing to their repertoire. Contact our team today to find out how we can keep you connected to your employees, clients, and stakeholders,” they added.

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