LeadsGorilla: Capture Targeted Local Leads With This Advanced Automated Software Tool


    A new powerful software by Adrian Bogdan and Ben Murray can enable you to quickly capture local leads for your business, to generate professional local reports, and close more deals. The program can help you 10x your leads numbers. This is an absolute must have lead generation software tool: it easily finds prequalified small business leads from Facebook pages, Facebook Places, and Google Maps.

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    LeadsGorilla effectively and efficiently finds high–quality leads from Google and Facebook. It features four different types of PDF report generation options as well as email marketing with DFY proven swipes. The software tool can supercharge the lead generation efforts of any marketing agency or business and help them fuel their funnels with targeted local leads.

    3 simple steps are responsible for capturing high-quality local leads. Beta users of this automated lead finding software have been using the exact 3 steps from Adrian Bodgan, Ben Murray and Cristian Seb in their own businesses and they can confirm that the platform works and delivers.

    As a LeadsGorilla user you get access to amazing resources that can further help you scale your business quickly.

    Lead finding that is well-targeted can be a welcome tactic in the eyes of many business owners looking for new opportunities to grow and scale their business.

    People are going crazy for Adrian’s software system because they understood the importance of lead generation.

    The app works in any language and any country and has been strongly recommended by beta users.

    A satisfied user Carlos Martin shared, ” Most impressive about LeadsGorilal is that everything was so easy to use and everything I needed to seriously grow my agency business was in once place. Not only did LeadsGorilla find many more leads than other outdated tools, but there was so much more crucial data I needed about each one. Plus, the PDF reports look amazing and are actually valuable “

    The software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. LeadsGorilla is a cloud-based lead generation solution. All buyers get access to top-notch online training revealing expert local marketing secrets and how users can use the lead capture software to enjoy the highest ROI.

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